Mother's Day is coming up in about 10 days.  This year it is on Sunday, May 8, 2022. 

First, let me start out by sending a huge hug to all those who find emptiness in their heart this mother's day.  Whether missing a loved one, or yearning for something that feels out of reach, my heart is with all of you, always.  

For those that are continuing to read this article, I've never really celebrated Mother's Day much myself.  But one thing I LOVE doing is gifting other people items they will truly treasure.  I hope seeing these recommendations of companies I have shopped and love, helps direct you to a gift you need to give someone.

Here are my Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2022:

For the Jewelry Lovers, depending on your budget you can really enhance a jewelry collection:

Pomoto Jewelry    Timeless Jewels
Shain Leyton        Finerrings



Driven Day         Buy The Bag
Between Carpools    Letterz By On




For the One Who Loves Clothing!!
Browse our New Spring Collection at MIA MOD 




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