After much deliberation, around Thanksgiving time in 2015, I left my long time corporate job to start Mia Mod, named after my only daughter (I also have 5 boys), Mia.

 At that time I had noticed quite a large gap in the market for modest and affordable women’s apparel and so I traveled to China and hired amazingly supportive and loyal staff who have become like family today!

In the last few years that gap I had noticed in the market has definitely been filled with wonderful and beautiful companies.  What an exciting time to be in this industry.

It is for that reason, knowing that you have so many options from where to purchase your clothing, that has us even more grateful when you choose to shop with us.  It gives us the motivation to strive and work even harder to bring you, our customer and friend, beautiful and affordable apparel.

Our Signature bestseller is our MM Skirt.  Oh the traveling I did to secure a loyal factory whose quest for quality is in line with my own! I traveled to the most remote area in China and convinced them that my customers will love their work and they should allow me to slowly grow this product!  

This year 2019 we added 5 new colors to the MM family!  We chose colors by asking all your advice through polls on Instagram, also another tool that has grown since the onset of our company!

The satisfaction of your feedback and your wonderful kind words motivates us to no end!

As our company slowly grows, we still always want to give you a boutique and custom shopping experience, therefore our Online Chat Box is always open for you to ask questions and we strive to respond ASAP with honest advice regarding fit and suitability of all our items.  Sizes do tend to vary somewhat from item to item, so please reach out to us prior to ordering - there are never too many questions!  

Thank you for all your loyalty and encouragement and let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements! My email is


Leah Ash